Photo categories

  1. Animal portraits
    Judges are looking for an image that captures a magical moment or a photo that captures the character or shows the spirit of the subject in an imaginative way or gives a sense of the animal’s “personality”. You could also capture an animal portrait that depicts a normally unseen moment in that animal’s life or a dramatic behaviour.
  2. Creative vision (up to 90 seconds) 

    This category offers you a chance to showcase your artistic talents to tell a story about the waterways of Slough and its wildlife through different media, which could include: videos, a timelapse, a digital animation, virtual reality, a cartoon sketch, a GIF or video footage from a camera trap. Videos up to a maximum of 90 seconds.
  3. Dawn and dusk by the stream
    Dawn and dusk are referred to as the golden hours of photography as this is the time many animals venture out into the open, and so it's a good time to have a go at wildlife photography. Judges will be looking for creative use of light during the dawn and dusk time period.
  4. Photojournalism
    Tell a powerful story through a series of photos (maximum of six photos) that have both individual quality and combined have a powerful narrative. Pictures can be challenging, uplifting, provocative or reflective. The story must be linked to Slough and its waterways, and should illustrate attitudes, decisions and impacts on the natural world.
  5. Wildlife of our waterways 

    Focusing on the animals or plants that live in or on Slough’s waterways or feeds on the plants, fish or smaller insects that thrive in the waters. It could show how local people are interacting with the wildlife in Slough.
  6. Black and white
    The judges will be looking for creativity and innovation in the use of the medium in showcasing Slough’s waterways and streams, and/or the wildlife that depends on it. Black and white photography can simplify the elements of nature, emphasise its form, create drama and potentially add an emotional element to an image.
  7. Wetland plants and fungus
    Judges are looking for images that convey the essence of a plant or fungus. The shades and patterns of plants. Perhaps demonstrating its importance or its role in the environment or how it is interacting with other plants for its survival.