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What is an educational psychologist?

  • We are psychologists who also have qualifications and experience with working with children. 
  • We use our knowledge and skills in psychology to understand more about how children think, learn and behave.
  • We work together with teachers, parents, children and young people to find ways of helping children and young people to make progress in their learning and other areas of development.

What do educational psychologists do? 

  • We work to support the needs of children (0-19 years).
  • Psychologist’s work with a group of schools, across all ages, including nurseries, primary and secondary schools, special school and mainstream schools which are specially resourced for children with special educational needs.

We might:

  • observe your child in class
  • look at their work
  • carry out assessments. The type of assessments we use will depend on each child, we might assess through play, asking questions or standard assessments. 
  • individually meet with your child and listen to their views
  • visit pre-school children at home
  • consider wider factors that might contribute to the area of concern.

We also work with parents, teachers and other professionals.

How does my child get to see an educational psychologist?

  • School or nursery staff may ask for support.
  • Parents.
  • Doctors/paediatricians.
  • Speech and language therapists, occupational therapists.
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health service.
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