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What to expect from the planning process in Slough

What is planning permission?

Most building work requires planning permission. New structures will generally need planning permission, but extensions, demolitions, and works to protected trees may also require planning permission.

The main responsibility for planning decisions lies with your local council. That means that all planning decisions in the borough of Slough are decided by Slough Borough Council. It is your responsibility, as the developer, to seek out planning permission before you begin building work.

The planning permission system allows the council to control what development takes place in Slough. This aims to ensure that all development in Slough fits with the overall vision for how the area should develop, and meets the needs of local residents and businesses.

Planning applications are determined using both national and local planning policies.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the national government’s planning policies for England and how those should be applied.

Local Planning Policies for Slough are created by the Planning Policy Team at Slough Borough Council.

Planning applications - the process

When you submit a planning application, you will be asked to provide several pieces of information and documentation. This will include a completed application form, a location plan, and plans showing the existing and proposed elevations and floor plans, as well as the correct fee.

The price list can be found at the Planning Portal website.

Once your application has been submitted, a member of the technical support team will check that the correct documentation has been provided. If so, the application will be registered as valid, and passed to a planning officer to be considered.

The majority of applications are decided by planning officers who are employed by the council. Once the planning officer has received the application, they will consider it in relation to the following:

  • National planning policies – especially the National Planning Policy Framework.
  • Local planning policies.
  • Planning considerations specific to the proposed development and the site.
  • Advice from specialist professionals, including highways and transport staff, and air quality officers.
  • Consultations with local residents.

About 5% of planning applications are also considered by elected councilors at Planning Committee meetings. Planning Committee meetings are public meetings, which are generally held every month. In these meetings, the larger or more complex developments are discussed, and the elected councilors decide whether to approve or reject the application.

For clarity, and to ensure impartiality and consistency in the way planning is carried out, Members and Officers are guided by a code of conduct set out in the Council's constitution.

More information can be found here:


The timescales for making a decision on planning applications are determined by the type of application.

Minor applications are determined within 8 weeks, major applications within 13 weeks, and applications accompanied by an environmental impact assessment are made within 16 weeks. The definition of a major or minor application is set nationally by the government.

This decision making time begins when all the information needed has been provided, and includes three weeks for consultations with specialist professionals and residents.


If your planning application has been refused you can appeal to the independent Planning Inspectorate to reconsider the decision. There are time limits within which this can be done, and information that needs to be submitted which varies according to the type of application:

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