Stoke Road area regeneration – highway improvement works

Map of Stoke Road showing areas proposed for improvements - details are below.

The consultation has now ended.

This consultation ended on Friday 1 February. We will now compile and summarise the feedback.

The scheme has a number of positive aims as detailed below, but we acknowledge the changes will have an impact on the road network, and there will be some disruption during the works. Therefore, we gave the local people the opportunity to say how you feel about it through an online survey, through email or by writing to us.

The Scheme

The B416 Stoke Road/William Street corridor serves communities and businesses north of Slough and connects them to the town centre and railway station. It further connects Slough with the communities south of Buckinghamshire. Due to the high traffic volumes along this corridor there has been a considerable journey time delay for commuters.

The scheme will benefit commuters travelling to and from Slough and will help enhance Slough’s connection to the major transport corridors as well as support regeneration in the area.

The following works are proposed

A4 Wellington Street from the south entrance of Old Thames Valley University site to William Street junction

  • Junction improvements including upgraded crossings, new right turn movements from the Old Thames Valley south entrance to High Street Slough.
  • Introduction of a new cycle route between the A4 Wellington St and Slough Station via the Old Thames Valley University site.
  • Widen the carriageway to create a segregated left turn at the Wellington Street junction.

Stoke Road, between Brunel Way and A4 Wellington Street

  • Improvements to the bridge façade on Stoke Road, to improve the look and feel of the bridge.
  • Junction improvements including upgraded crossings at the Brunel Way junction.

Slough Station Northern Forecourt (Railway Terrace)

  • Introduce a quiet cycle route from the Canal Basin to the Slough Station northern forecourt.
  • Upgrades to bus stop waiting areas and installation of shelters at main stops.
  • Improvements to facilities for bus travel.
  • Public realm improvement works to Slough Station northern forecourt (Railway Terrace).
  • Improved links to the railway station and town centre via public transport.

Stoke Road and its junction with Mill Street

  • Widen carriageway to two lanes westbound and southbound.
  • Stoke Road and its junction with Elliman Avenue/Shaggy Calf Lane.
  • Creation of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Grand Union Canal to improve the public access to schools, hospital and Slough Community Stadium.
  • Upgrade the traffic signals including installation of pedestrian crossings and MOVA (smart controlled traffic signals at the junction).

A4 Wellington Street and its junction with Wexham Road

  • Signalised toucan crossing over Wellington Street.
  • New traffic signals including installation of pedestrian crossing and MOVA (smart controlled signals at the junction) to allow a new right turn.
  • Improved pedestrian north-south movement.
  • Potential removal of the subway and the subway ramps, to help enhance the street-scene and public safety. This will depend upon available funding and obtaining a stopping up order.

We are keen to hear your suggestions on how to make the road network safer and easier to get around by foot, bicycle and car, with particular emphasis to:

  • promote sustainable forms of transport along Stoke Road.
  • provide strategic routes for walking and cycling.
  • undertake local highway remodelling to provide access to major regeneration sites.
  • improve links to the railway station and town centre.
  • reduce congestion around the area by improving traffic flow.
  • improve journey time reliability for public transport.
  • improve road safety in the area.
  • introduce a new cycle and pedestrian bridge over the Grand union Canal.