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What is a school travel plan?

A school travel plan (STP) is a document outlining a package of measures to encourage healthy, safe, active and sustainable travel. Developed and maintained by the school community, a STP is developed with local partners and looks at aspects of road safety, environmental and healthy lifestyles issues.

Once complete, a STP should also be regarded as a useful communication tool with Slough Borough Council. Through consultation with your school community, it is possible to highlight the issues which prevent greater take up of sustainable travel options and where the school requires support in improving travel to and from the school site.

A school travel plan sets out ways to:

  • reduce the number of car trips made to your school
  • encourage pupils and staff to walk, cycle or scoot
  • improve safety on the school journey.

A school travel plan aims to raise awareness of:

  • the health and social benefits of walking, cycling or scooting to school
  • the environmental benefits of reducing the number of cars travelling to school
  • local travel options such as public transport and local cycle routes.

A school travel plan should:

  • identify any travel issues for pupils, parents or staff on the way to school
  • identify off-site measures that will make it safer and more attractive for pupils and their parents to walk, cycle and scoot to school
  • link safety, health and sustainability issues to the wider school curriculum
  • seek ways to promote sustainable travel within the school.

Schools in Slough can access free support and advice from a dedicated sustainable travel team. The Better by team can help schools develop and maintain a travel plan, and provide support with campaigns and initiatives to reduce car use, improve road safety and tackle issues such as inconsiderate parking. This could offer the following benefits to your school.

Reduced congestion around the school site

We can work with schools to tackle congestion on the school run. Developing a school travel plan will help identify the issues that prevent the take up of sustainable modes (cycling and walking).

Improved safety

By reducing congestion around the school site the safety of pupils and staff will be improved. Pupils will learn how to travel safely to school by sustainable modes. We can also support schools to introduce measures where parents that need to drive are encouraged to park away from the school site.

Improved health benefits

Increasing active travel such as cycling and walking for the school journey has proven benefits on the health of pupils.

Environmental benefits

Schools can improve their green credentials by signing up to a School Travel Plan. Schools can become part of the solution that will make a local and global difference.

Community commitment

Developing a travel plan states your school’s commitment to positively reduce your school’s carbon footprint - this will enhance your school’s reputation with staff, pupils, key stakeholders and your local community.

Recognition of what you are doing well

Not only are we able to offer incentives to change travel behaviour, we can also provide rewards for those already walking or cycling.

If you would like to develop a school travel plan, Slough Borough Council’s Better by team can help with all the information, resources and support you need.

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