Slough moves into covid tier 2

The change will come into force at 00:01 Saturday 24 October. Find out more details about Slough going into tier 2 and what it means.

Please go to our coronavirus pages for the latest guidance, how services are affected, and what help is available.



You can find information on roadworks in Slough, as well as the option of receiving e-mail alerts, on the national roadworks website.

Traffic notices and road closures

Traffic notices are published on our Public Notices page. Major works are listed below.

A4 Bath Road - carriageway resurfacing works

Carriageway of A4 Bath Road from the junction with Rodney Way to M25 bridge will be resurfaced.

Starts: Monday 2 November
Times: between 8pm and 5am.
Duration: 5 nights subject to weather conditions.

Northborough Road - carriageway resurfacing works

Carriageway of Northborough Road between the junctions Long Readings Lane and A 355 Farnham Road roundabout will be resurfaced.

Starts: Monday 26 October.
Times: between 8pm and 5am.
Duration: 5 nights subject to weather conditions.

Sutton Lane - carriageway resurfacing works

Carriageway of Sutton Lane between the junctions Parlaunt Road and Hurricane Way roundabout will be resurfaced.

Starts: Monday 19 October
Time: between 8pm and 5am.
Duration: 5 nights subject to weather conditions.

Emergency Order of Partial Closure of Sussex Place from its junction with Lascelles Road, Wellington Street, William Street and Bath Road to its junction with Huntercombe Roundabout, Slough

There will be a road closure from 7pm on Monday 20 July to 5pm on Saturday 25 July at Sussex Place from its junction with Lascelles Road, Wellington Street, William Street and Bath Road to its junction with Huntercombe Roundabout.

Wellington Street/Wexham Road junction upgrade

From the beginning of June 2020 the Council’s Direct Service Organisation (DSO) will be undertaking a highway improvement works to the junction of Wellington Street and Wexham Road for approximately 20 weeks. The works will include the introduction of new traffic signals with signalised pedestrian crossings across A4 Wellington Road, a new right turn being introduced and new street lighting.

Resurfacing programme

The highways team produce a programme of works to footpaths, pavements and roads in the borough.

Each year we carry out a series of conditional survey inspections on all the roads and a proportion of pavements in Slough. Based upon these, we draw up a list of roads that need resurfacing in order of technical merit. A lot of factors determine the priority of a road on the list and include the state of the road’s surface, whether the road is actually failing structurally, the road classification, proximity of schools, hospitals or other vulnerable users.

Langley Interchange footbridges, Junction 5 of the M4

An application has been made to the Department for Transport for approximately £350,000 to help fund repairs to the footbridges at the Langley Interchange. See more details on the application.

Major Transport and Highways schemes happening in Slough

  • Harrow Market junction works - starting summer 2019.
  • General Scheme – recently completed
    Five Points - Burnham Lane, Priory Road, Lower Britwell Road, Hogfair Lane
    Junction, traffic signal and crossing improvement works
  • Mass Rapid Transit – almost completed
    The primary purpose of this scheme is to allow a smoother passage of commuter carrying buses and coaches through Slough.
    Bath Road (North Service Road) – Dover Road to Pitts Road
    Additional kerbing added, partial resurfacing, new street lights and new traffic signals
  • General Scheme – ongoing
    Windsor Road – Albert St. to Herschel St.
    Junction improvement to facilitate recent commercial and residential development work
  • General Scheme – ongoing
    Burnham Lane/ Burnham train station approach
    These works (partially funded by Network Rail) are taking place in order to upgrade Burnham train station to facilitate the opening of Crossrail. The highway works involve improvements to pedestrian crossings, the station car park and introduction of new gyratory system.
  • General Scheme – due to start on site Feb 2018
    Langley Station/ Station Road Langley
    Junction, drainage, street lighting and traffic signal improvement works
  • Smart motorways – work due to start Summer/Autumn 2018
    This work is being undertaken by Highways England. At various locations throughout the UK the hard shoulder of the motorway is being converted to running lane for traffic. Although the works are taking place outside Slough, they will have an impact on local traffic. Our Network Management team will be co-ordinating the works to minimise disruption.

Crossrail work in and around Slough

The Crossrail website has details of current and planned work which is being undertaken as part of the Crossrail project, including information about road closures.

Resilient network

Read about our plans for when there is flooding or snowfall.

Traffic management - council permit scheme

From 4th March 2015, Slough will be operating under The Traffic Management (Slough Borough Council) Permit Scheme Order 2014. This will help us to manage street and road works across the road network better. The scheme excludes the motorways, for which the Highways Agency is the Highway Authority. Find out more about the SBC permit scheme.

Utility streetworks

Under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, utility companies have to inform the council of any work being carried out. We will inspect a percentage of this work.

If there is a problem with a utility service please contact the utility company direct - their details should be provided at the site of the works.

If there is a problem with the road surface please complete the report a highways issue form or email

National Productivity Investment Fund

£185 million in 2017/18

The funding for local highway and other local transport improvements which aims to reduce congestion at key locations, upgrade or improve the maintenance of local highway assets across England, outside London, to improve access to employment and housing, to develop economic and job creation opportunities.

Of the £185 million Slough will receive £381,000 which will be spent as follows:

  • Facilitate access to jobs/housing
    Bike Hire docks x 3 = £90,000
    Bike Hire bikes x 10 = £20,000
  • Public transport
    New Bus Shelter Hub for MRT (UCB/Lonza) £40,000
  • Congestion reduction
    Widening of Huntercombe Spur roundabout to facilitate an express lane - £150,000
    Variable Message Signs for Farnham Road, Wexham Road and Windsor Road at borough boundary - £81,000

Pothole Funding for 2017/18

This funding is provided by the DfT in order to help us fix potholes or stop them forming. We have been receiving this funding since the 2014-15 financial year and will be receiving a new allocation in 2018-19. The funding supplements our existing budget helping us to ensure the highway network is kept in a safe state.

In addition to reactive works, in 2017-18 we used this funding for trialling the following innovative techniques (with a view to using them as standard).

Blow Patcher technique – Provided by D. E. Plant

Pothole being filled This technique will allow us to carry out pothole plug in repairs in less than five minutes, which will last up to four years. Standard plug in repairs last up to six months. The technique works by clearing debris in the pothole using high pressure water, heating the existing carriageway up, filling the hole and compacting.

Tough Patch Rapid – Provided by Ultra Crete

Pothole being filled We recently carried out a demo for a new type of cold lay material (pictured right). These types of materials allow potholes to be filled quickly by applying special tarmac directly from a bag onto the road surface and then compacting manually.

On site works ordering

Our highways inspectors currently issue orders to repair potholes from our in-office system. We will soon be supplying them with handheld devices which will allow them to issue orders to carry out repairs as soon as they see them on site. This will improve their efficiency and reduce admin costs.