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Parking consultations

This informal consultation ended on Friday 17 July, 5pm. It had ran for 21 days.

You will find recent consultation documents for current parking schemes.

Proposed Chalvey/Grove Academy Residents’ Parking Scheme

Slough Borough Council is asking Chalvey residents who live at the following roads, their views on the resident parking scheme proposed for their area:

  • Alexandra Road
  • Brammas Close
  • Chalvey Road West
  • Church Street
  • Clive Court
  • Damson Grove
  • Greenwatt Way
  • High Street Chalvey
  • High Street Slough
  • Ladbrooke Road
  • Spackmans Way
  • The Green
  • Turton Way
  • White Hart Road

The Grove Academy is due for completion and will be accepting students from September 2020. The new school will expand to 1900 students plus teachers and support staff within the next few years. We know this will result in significantly increased traffic congestion and parking pressure in your residential roads by parents and staff visiting the school.

To protect local roads from obstructive parking, increased congestion and to prioritise parking space for residents and businesses we propose to introduce a Residents’ Parking Scheme.

The Scheme

The proposed scheme would make the best use of available parking space for residents. Parking restrictions such as yellow lines, parking bays and the permit scheme are proposed to control parking in the residential areas.
The roads listed above are included in the proposal.

The parking restrictions would operate between Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Map showing proposed scheme area

Map shows the roads within the proposed Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) and the CPZ boundary in Chalvey.

The map shows the roads within the proposed Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) and the CPZ boundary.

There are some FAQs about residents parking schemes that may help you.

Parking Permits

In line with our aims to encourage sustainable travel and discourage private car use, it is proposed that parking controls will apply from Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. During this time, you will need a parking permit to park on public roads. The current cost of a Resident Parking Permit is £25 per year.

We understand there may be a number of additional financial pressures on your household at this time. We are therefore able to offer one free Resident Permit to each household for the first two years the scheme is operational. This offer has only been made available to residents in the vicinity of the Grove Academy School and does not apply elsewhere in the borough.

One additional permit can be purchased per household, but only where kerb capacity allows.

Please note: if you already have an allocated parking space as part of an existing planning condition, you will not be entitled to apply for a free parking permit.

How you had your Say

The scheme has several positive aims as detailed above. However, we acknowledged the changes may not always be desired, so we asked residents and other local people to provide their views.

If a person lives at one of the roads listed above or are have a local business they should have received a letter about the scheme, which included a survey to complete and return to us.

If there were any questions about the consultation, they could have been emailed to

Consultation period

The informal consultation period ran for 21 days. Any responses should have been sent to us by Friday 17 July, 5pm.