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Obstructive parking

If you observe a vehicle being parked in breach of formal restriction e.g. yellow lines or residents parking, this can be reported to our Parking Enforcement Control Room on 01753 551018. There are usually lines or signs on or around the road alerting drivers to the restrictions in place.

Our Parking Enforcement Team cannot take any action against anyone parking their vehicles on a road where there are no formal restrictions in place. However if vehicles are being sold or repaired on the public highway, our Neighbourhood Services Enforcement Team may be able to assist with this nuisance parking.  

Pavement parking (where there are no other restrictions)

Parking on the pavement is only an offence in the London Boroughs. Outer London Boroughs are required to formally introduce a ban in specific locations. In Slough, only parts of the Central and Elliman wards of Slough have a ban on pavement parking at present.

Requesting restrictions

If you feel your road/area would benefit from parking controls/restrictions you can contact your local Ward Councillor to request this.

If the restrictions would impact several residents, we also require a petition to be submitted.

We receive several requests to consider new and amended parking restrictions each year. To create or change parking restrictions a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has to be made. This is the legal document behind the restriction that allows the council to enforce any breaches of the restrictions. The process of implementing a TRO is both lengthy and costly and can take several months to complete. All requests received are placed on a waiting list and a project to introduce these is carried out once a year.

White Access Bar Markings

If you have an approved vehicular crossing (dropped kerb) and are having problems with obstruction of your access, you can apply to have a white access bar marking on the highway to help keep this clear.

These markings are advisory only and therefore no enforcement action can be taken by Slough Borough Council against vehicles parked on these lines. The Police may be able to assist in some circumstances so you can call 101 for further advice on this.

This service is currently free of charge, and we will send out a written decision when the application has been assessed.

How long will it take

The assessment of an application can take up to 15 weeks.

It can take a further 12 weeks for the implementation of the marking. Please note, sometimes it can take longer as work of this nature is dependent on weather conditions and our contractors workload.