Langley transport infrastructure improvements

Red lines shows the part of Langley that will directly be affected by the proposed infrastructure schemes.

The scheme

We would like your views on a series of proposals aimed to improve the transport infrastructure in Langley. On 2 August we launched a consultation asking for your views on plans for Langley’s road network and railway station and what impact it will have in Slough.


A number of national strategic projects are expected to happen between 2017 and 2024:

To future proof the road network, we are looking for your views, which will help us monitor congestion. Where possible we will seek further mitigation to improve your journey.

As part of the strategic projects we envisage some roads may need to be temporarily closed in order for works to be undertaken. We are closing Hollow Hill Lane/Market Lane so officers can assess the impact on traffic flow in the area.

Closing the road now under an experimental order will allow us to understand where improvements need to be made to keep traffic moving.

We want you to tell us:

  • how the closure impacts you
  • where the pinch-points are and
  • what you’d like to see us doing to mitigate the impacts.

We are also considering how partner organisations could potentially fund improvements to the road network in Langley. Therefore, if we do not close the road now we will not get the opportunity to influence these decisions at a later date.

If you live in Hollow Hill Lane, Mansion Lane or Market Lane you will still have access to your homes, and pedestrian and cycling access will not be affected.

We also want your views on a proposed package of improvements for Langley Railway Station.

Proposals include:

  • better access for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and vulnerable road users
  • improved drainage, to reduce localised flooding
  • new zebra crossing facilities on Station Road
  • new cycle facilities
  • further improvements by Network Rail, including a new accessible footbridge.

Finally, we are keen to hear your suggestions on how to make the road network safer and easier to get around by foot, bicycle and car, with particular emphasis on:

  • pedestrian crossing facilities
  • cycle routes
  • public transport facilities, such as bus stops
  • junction improvements
  • safety and speed limits
  • road widening.

Frequently asked questions

Consultation and data

Have your say

A lot of the changes coming to Langley will benefit local residents, particularly improvements to the station. However, we acknowledge there will be some disruption and so we want to give you and other local people the opportunity to say how you feel about it: