Disabled parking bay

If you hold a valid Blue Badge and are having difficulties parking close to your home, you can apply for a disabled parking bay if you:

  • have no off-street parking, such as a garage or driveway
  • are the driver or the driver lives with you

Anyone with a valid blue badge can park in these bays without a time limit; they are not reserved for the applicant.
This service is currently free, and we will send out a written decision when the application has been assessed.

How long will it take

The assessment of an application can take up to 16 weeks.

It then takes a further 12 weeks for the implementation of the bay. Please note, sometimes it may be longer as work of this nature is dependent on weather conditions and outstanding workload.

How it works

If a vehicle is parked in a bay without a valid disabled blue badge clearly displayed, you can report this to our control room on 01753 551018 and they will visit the area to see if a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued.

Form and guidance notes