Cycling in Slough

Slough is an ideal area in which to cycle as it is a compact, densely built up area only 7 miles east to west and approximately 3 miles north to south. It is relatively flat, thereby making cycling a viable alternative to the private car for numerous journeys, including shopping, work, and school trips.

Cycle routes

Cycle rides

Slough Freewheelers offer free of charge rides, led by a trained cyclist. They are intended to be sociable events and are open to anyone who has cycled before. For more information and a list of dates and venues see below:

Cycling strategy

Slough's cycling strategy aims to:

  • improve facilities for cyclists
  • improve safety for cyclists
  • provide people with an alternative to the car for some journeys.

In turn this will help to:

  • reduce traffic congestion
  • improve the urban environment
  • promote good health and leisure opportunities.

For more information on our cycling and other transport strategies see Local Transport Plan.