Community minibuses

The transport services unit hires out minibuses to qualifying groups/organisations and council departments. This is under the use of Section 19 small bus permits. Drivers of the council minibuses must have:

  • a D1 entitlement on their licences
  • undertaken an independent minibus driving assessment.

Minibuses can be hired 24 hours a day.

Hire charges 2018

Standard minibuses

Standard minibuses are £40 per day (whether part day or full day) plus 43p per mile for the first 50 miles and 30p per mile for additional miles.
A standard minibus is a 17 seater (16 passengers).

Accessible minibuses

Accessible minibuses are £46 per day (whether part day or full day) plus 48p per mile for the first 50 miles and 36p per mile for additional miles.

The accessible minibuses or, tail-lift vehicles can be configured as required. Typical configurations are:

  • 10 seated passengers and 2 wheelchair passengers or;
  • 8 seated passengers and 3 wheelchair passengers.

Vehicle sizes vary so you will need to discuss your requirements with us. Equipment to secure the wheelchairs and the wheelchair passengers are provided with the bus.

The above mileage charges allow for the cost of fuel so you won't need to pay extra for fuel. However, a fuel card is provided with each vehicle. We would expect users to leave a reasonable amount of fuel in the minibus for the next user.

Driver costs

If you don't have your own driver we can provide one at a cost of £12.50 per hour. A minimum of one and a half hour per session is applied. For example, if a driver is needed for:

  • two journeys; a local drop off and then a local collection later on in the day, that would incur two sets of the minimum one and half sessions charge, so a total of a three hour charge
  • the duration of a day trip, then the charge will be from the pick up time to drop off time of the minibus.

Cancellation charge

 Where less than 48 hours notice has been given to cancel the booking, a cancellation of £25 will be charged.

Occasional one off charges

 Where minibus users have returned a vehicle in a dirtier and more untidy state, a valeting charge of £25 will be applied.

Contact us

A wide range of organisations use our minibuses during the working week, evenings and weekends throughout the year. Please call the community transport office on 01753 477301 to discuss your requirements.