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#OneSlough help still there for shielding residents

Published: 30 July 2020

Residents will still be available to get assistance from the council and key partners after the shield pause deadline passes on Friday 31 July.

Residents with serious medical conditions were advised to shield by their GPs at the beginning of lockdown in March, meaning they were advised not to leave their homes.

The government has advised shielding will be paused as of Saturday 1 August.

The #OneSlough initiative was launched in March as a collaboration between Slough Borough Council and Slough CVS to provide help to those in the borough who needed it. It has continued everyday throughout the pandemic.

The council and Slough CVS continue to work together and with key local community groups and organisations, to provide a coordinated effort across the borough organising volunteers and a response to those who still require it.

Those who continue to shield will therefore be able to get help and support with deliveries of food and medication as well as assistance with other areas of their life.

Those who have been shielding, have been needing assistance and wish to continue to receive assistance, should ring 01753 944198.

Residents who are not shielding, but are vulnerable and self-isolating, and would like assistance, should call 01753 475 111 and from the main menu press options 1 and then 3.

Family, friends and neighbours who are concerned about a vulnerable person, or someone who has become vulnerable during the pandemic, should also call 01753 475111 and from the main menu press options 1 and then 3.

Phone calls will also be made to some vulnerable members of the community as the council and key partners maintain contact to assess their situation.

Alan Sinclair, director of adults and communities, said: “We have helped thousands of people in the borough over the last four months.

“That help does not just stop because the pause button has been pressed on the shielding process.

“We will continue to supply help to those who need it whether that is making sure they have groceries and their medication, to help with medical appointments.

“However, for this help to happen those who are shielding and want continued assistance will need to call 01753 944198.”