Faith put into cycling

Published: 05 September 2019

Hundreds of children, from toddlers to teenagers, were given the chance to experience all types of cycling in one of Better by’s biggest events.

The council’s sustainable transport team Better by joined the children at the annual Sikh summer camp at the Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara, Bath Road.

Toddlers were given balance bikes to start their cycling journey, while those who already cycle were given help and advice. Older children at the summer camp were given the opportunity to have a go on electric scooters.

Better by partners Cycle Experience, took a range of bikes for everyone to have a go at riding, including tandems and stunt BMX, as well as a recumbent bike where it appears the rider is almost lying down.

Five qualified and highly experienced cycling professionals were on-hand to guide the children on the very basic balance bikes to the more advanced electric bikes.

Adults at the summer club were also allowed in on the act and had a go on the bikes as well receiving advice about sustainable travel from Better by who distributed stress balls, pens and bags.

Rani Kaur, of the Refresh Centre at the temple, said: “The weather was great which enhanced the experience for the children and adults.

“One child had never got on a bike before but by the end of the four hour session she was able to ride independently!”

Following the event, the Gurdwara now wish to arrange a cycling event for women.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environmental services, said: “This was a great event for the Gurdwara.

“The children had a safe area in the carpark and five instructors to help children to try out different kinds of bikes.

“Hopefully this will give some of them the confidence to cycle more with their families and in the future they may want to cycle to school which has health benefits for them while reducing congestion.

“It’s great to see the Better by team having a positive affect at the summer camp and that other events are being organised for more members of the Gurdwara.”

Children who attended the camp also learned about Sikh history, the importance and benefits of meditation and how to live a life in harmony with family, community and the environment.

During September Slough has joined the Love to Ride worldwide promotion of cycling. Those who get in the saddle for at least a 10 minute journey can log their ride and will be put into a draw for prizes including a trip to New Zealand. For more information log onto