Design a banner for road safety around school

Published: 13 May 2019

Primary school children will be challenged to design a road safety banner which could take pride of place outside their school.

Slough Borough Council’s sustainable transport team Better by, has supplied primary schools with a blank poster for pupils to create a simple and bold design based around road safety.

The winning posters with a great safety message will be turned into banners which can be put up outside of their school gates to remind people of the need to act safely at the beginning and end of the school day.

The banner would ideally tackle a safety, a health or an environmental message surrounding the benefits of reducing car use for the school run. This could be not stopping on yellow zig-zag lines, not parking near where children are going into the school gates, being healthier by walking to school or improving air quality by parking away from the school gates.

The banner design is just one Better by initiative for Walk to School Week, between 20 and 24 May, to encourage more people to make their journeys by walking, cycling or public transport. Reducing reliance on the car and increasing sustainable travel will help reduce congestion, improve air quality and make Slough’s streets safer, healthier and a nicer place to be.

Pupils from years 3 to 5 are being asked to remind adults and raise awareness of the importance of road safety around schools through the banners and their messages.

Each school currently taking part in the walking initiative, ‘Walk Once a Week’ or the WOW project, will select three top designs which will then be whittled down to the winning poster. It will then be transformed into the eye catching banner.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environmental services, said: “The growing amount of traffic outside schools is becoming a real problem not only in terms of congestion but the danger that cars outside the school gates pose to children.

“It is great to educate the school community about the dangers, while encouraging more people to think about leaving the car at home, particularly for shorter journeys. We want to encourage adults and children to be safe around schools.

“The road safety banner is a great way of getting children involved with helping protect the streets around where they go to school.

“I’m sure we will get lots of fantastic designs and it will be really hard to choose the best ones for each primary school.

“So it’s time to get the felt-tip pens or crayons out and get those imaginations going.”