SMaRT buses free for next three months

Published: 10 May 2019

There are 5,000 free SMaRT daytime bus journeys available for residents in the next three months.

The Bath Road Central buses ferry workers between Slough train and bus station to Slough Trading Estate during the morning and evening rush hours.

Throughout the rest of the day, between 10.05am and 3.55pm, members of the public will be able to get on board and travel the two-mile long route in and out of town along the Bath Road.

The green buses will run every 15 minutes during the off-peak times and Slough Borough Council will pick up the £6 fee.

All people have to do is copy the QR code pictured or print it out and scan it when getting onto the bus.

The bus will run easily along the dedicated bus lane routes making the journey quick and easy.

The trial for free travel between the off peak times will last from now until Friday August 2. Only employees whose employers contribute to the Bath Road Central Bus are permitted to use the bus in the morning and evening rush hours.

James Swindlehurs t, leader of the council, said the free journeys will last until the £30,000 pounds set aside for the free sustainable transport pilot is spent - approximately 5,000 journeys.

He said: “This is a great way to get people using the bus during the off-peak times.

“The bus has unhindered access into and out of the centre of Slough and could be convenient for shopping, attending appointments, getting to The Curve, The Centre or the Ice Arena, or just going to visit friends.

“This route is open to residents of Slough to use and as the council are paying for tickets until the beginning of August there really is no reason not to use it.”

The bus and its route is the first stage of the borough wide project, the Slough Mass Rapid Transport Scheme, SMaRT, a transport system which will eventually extend to Heathrow.

The project has been shown to be a great example of the collaboration between the public and the private sector to support alternative and sustainable modes of transport. Companies involved in the collaboration with Slough Borough Council include AEW, Telefonica, Ipsen, Lonza and UCB.

The bus is operated by Stewarts Coaches and funding for the highway improvements and bus priority was obtained from Thames Valley Berkshire LEP.