Slough Borough Council to bring services contract back in-house

Published: 06 March 2019

Slough Borough Council is set to change how the public services provided by Arvato are delivered, the council announced today (6 March 2019).

The contract – which began seven years ago – is for council tax and business rates collection, the customer service centre and transactional services such as benefits and IT support.

The services under the contract will be coming back in-house from 1 November 2019.

Chief executive, Josie Wragg, said: “Over the past seven years the partnership between Slough Borough Council (SBC) and Arvato has had success in delivering a wide range of services for staff and residents.

“With the contract due to end in three years’ time (31 March 2022), we have been considering a future delivery model for the services currently provided by Arvato. We are changing rapidly, transforming our ways of working to improve services; putting customer needs at the heart of everything we do.

“To do this, we have agreed to bring our contract to a close early, bringing Arvato staff who are dedicated to the council services back to us from 1 November 2019, giving us greater control over these services in the future and the freedom to think wider and more creatively than a written contract.

“We have set up a project team to work on the transfer back to the council and residents should not experience any loss of services as we focus on a smooth transition.”

Debra Maxwell, Chief Executive of Arvato CRM Solutions UK, said: “We are proud of the service improvements that our partnership has delivered over the last seven years and we are now focused on delivering a smooth transition for both parties, our employees and local people.”