Bright futures start in early years

Published: 05 December 2018

Slough Borough Council is launching a campaign to make more parents of two, three and four year olds in the borough aware of their entitlement to government funded early education places for their children.

Currently all three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education provision, but in Slough there are many more parents who are entitled to 30 hours free childcare for their three or four year olds.

Lots of two year olds are also entitled to a free early education place of up to 15 hours per week.

There are huge benefits to children getting a good start through free early education, and research has proven that those children who attend a good early years provision before starting school do better in their GCSE results than children who do not take up an early education place

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their lifelong development. Positive early years experiences impact on a child’s brain development, supporting their language, social and behavioural skills.

Many providers in Slough offer early education places. This includes childminders, children’s centres, day nurseries, pre schools, schools with nursery classes and nursery schools. To find out more call 01753 476554, email, text info and your name to 81025 or visit

Cllr Shabnum Sadiq, cabinet member for education and children, said: “At the council we believe that bright futures start in early years, which is why we are keen to raise awareness and encourage parents to take up the early years places their children are entitled to.

“Early years providers do an amazing job of preparing children for school life, and they also bring huge benefits in helping to develop children’s cognitive and social and emotional skills too.

“Children whatever their background should have access to, and, benefit from good quality early education and childcare, which is why I urge all parents with pre-school children to enquire today and take up this opportunity for them.”