Local election declared

Published: 26 March 2018

The local election on 3 May has been declared and the notice of election published.

Fourteen seats on the council are up for grabs – one in each ward other than Foxborough.

And this year, if you have a postal vote, you might notice something a bit different as Slough is taking part in a special pilot to ensure people are completing their postal votes themselves and correctly.

The pilot includes checks being made on the delivery of postal ballots, extra information for postal voters, checks to ensure postal voters know they should complete the ballot themselves and in secret and the importance of returning it directly and not through a third party.

It also includes a letter being sent out with every postal vote pack explaining how to complete their postal vote and what to do if people have concerns about fraud.

The council has also signed up to the national campaign Your vote is yours alone being run by the Electoral Commission with the support of Crimestoppers and the Cabinet Office which aims to prevent electoral fraud.

Catherine Meek, Returning Officer for the borough elections on 3 May, said: “Electoral Fraud is an important national issue and it is important people know that their vote is theirs alone.

“Any allegations of fraud will be taken very seriously by us and we hope the information provided as part of the Postal Vote Pilot will go some way to raising awareness and confidence in reporting any electoral malpractice.

“For the first time we have an online form where people can report fraud or concerns at any time – they don’t need to wait for offices to be open.”

Anyone wishing to stand for election has until Friday 6 April at 4pm to put in their nomination forms.

People are urged to report any concerns about possible electoral fraud to: