Students to showcase their winning plays about CSE

Published: 07 March 2018

Students from Eden Girls School and Ditton Park Academy will be showcasing their winning plays about Child Sexual Exploitation at The Curve on March 13, as part of Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day.

The council and drama company, Unblurred Lines worked with students from secondary schools across the borough to raise awareness of CSE. The students then wrote and performed their own plays during auditions last month, and the two winning schools – Eden Girls and Ditton Park Academy – get to perform theirs again in front of a ‘real’ audience.

The two plays will be performed in front of an invited audience as part of a CSE awareness day event at The Curve, which also includes talks from people who work in the field.

Nadine Barrett, CSE and trafficking partnership coordinator, said: “Raising awareness of CSE by encouraging the students to write and perform in their own plays, will help others, including parents, teachers and the wider community understand the risks these young people face on a daily basis.

“We are really excited about showcasing the winning two performances at The Curve on March 13.”

Cllr Pavitar K Mann, cabinet member for regulation and consumer protection, said: “CSE is a real risk for all young people, so it is vital that we educate and empower them about its different guises and the risks associated with it.

“Encouraging young people to explore the issue through drama and performance is a fantastic way to talk openly about the type of risks young people face and how they should address them.

“Congratulations to Eden Girls and Ditton Park Academy, who are leading the discussion and educating others too. I’m positive the audience will truly enjoy the final performances.”