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Hublets Terms & Conditions of Use

You are responsible for:

  • only carrying out legal activities
  • not accessing sites or content which may cause offence to others (including those of a pornographic, violent or racist nature)
  • not undertaking activities which inconvenience other people, including Internet telephony
  • not tampering with library IT equipment
  • not using another person’s details to access Hublet

Failure to abide by these Conditions of Use may result in your session being terminated and your access being denied in the future.

Slough Borough Council is not responsible for:

  • damage to or loss of documents, files or other data
  • guaranteeing that other users will not have access to data which you create on a Hublet
  • guaranteeing that our virus scanning software has eliminated all viruses
  • guaranteeing the exclusion of all inappropriate material by our web filtering service

Slough Borough Council will not be liable or responsible for any problems you may have if you:

  • make any kind of personal financial transaction or use a gambling website
  • join a chatline or social networking site
  • do not protect your personal data or keep yourself safe online

Failure to abide by these Conditions of Use may result in your access being denied in the future.
Internet use is monitored.

For your own security please ensure you return the Hublet to its docking station when you have finished your session.