Young children benefit from being read to because it helps them learn to read and develop a lifelong love of reading. The library can supply you with all the books you will need to make sure bedtime stories are enjoyable for both of you. 

Did you know? No overdue fines for children aged under 14!

To encourage our children to read more there are now NO overdue fines on all children's items (lost charges still apply).

Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge 2019 logo - a rocket goes round the a planet or moon Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Every summer, children can join the Summer Reading Challenge. Reading is a vital skill that can also bring a lot of joy to children throughout their lives.

This year's challenge is called Space Chase and finishes on Mon 30 September! (Find out more about Space Chase)

It doesn’t matter if they are not yet reading independently; sharing a story with an adult is a great way to take part. They can also read eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eComics with some of our online resources on their tablets or phones.

eBooks, eMagazines and eComics for kids

Borrow e-comics and e-magazines with RB Digital Did you know - we offer eBooks, eMagazines and eComics including some titles for children?

There is a good selection of eBook and eAudiobook titles available through Borrowbox suitable for children including Jacqueline Wilson, My Little Pony, Octonauts, David Walliams, JK Rowling and more!

We offer eMagazines and eComics through RB Digital. As well as eMagazines for adults you can also find titles such as National Geographic Kids, Raspberry Pi for kids and the beautiful magazine storytime - full of stories with tips about sharing stories.

Our eComics are from RB Digital through the same app! Although many of the titles are more suitable for children age 12+, it includes two titles of My Little Pony.

All eBooks, eMagazines and eComics have absolutely NO overdue fines!

Please note RB Digital comics includes some titles more suitable for young people aged 16+, please monitor your children's reading choices.

(more info on eReading)

Need help with homework? Ask us for help

Don’t know where to start with your homework?

All the people working in our libraries will be delighted to help you look for what you need. We have books you can take home on different topics and also dictionaries and encyclopaedias, as well as online help too! Search Slough Libraries online catalogue and check which books are in the library.

Our online reference library gives you free access to a wide range of information sources, many of them from your home computer – just log in with your library card number.

You can also ask for help finding information and resources by contacting the library by telephone, email, online via the library contact form or just pop in to your nearest library.