FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Entering the race

How old do I need to be to enter the half marathon?

Half marathon entrants must be 17 years or older on the day of the race. 

How much does it cost to enter?

The cost for runners to enter the half marathon is £30 (£28 if you belong to an affiliated running club).

I’ve entered the race but how do I know my entry has been received?

If you entered online you will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards. If you did not receive an email, please contact us.

Registration and withdrawal

I have entered the race but can no longer take part. Can I get a refund or give my place to a friend?

No refunds will be issued. You can transfer your place to another participant up until 14 September. Any transfer to another participant will be subject to a transfer fee of £7. Transfers are conducted through the online registration system by the withdrawing participant. Entries cannot be deferred to the following year.

Can I enter on the day?

No entries can be made on the day.

How do I pick up my race pack?

Your race pack will be available to pick up from the race village on race day between 7.30-8.30am.

Running the race

How far is a half marathon?

The half marathon is 13.1 miles or in metric – 21.1km.

Where is the race start, finish and race village?

The race starts and finishes in Salt Hill Park, starting at 9am.

Is there somewhere safe I can leave my bag and valuables?

We will provide a staffed baggage area. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in the baggage area and you leave these at your own risk. We recommend leaving your valuables at home or using a running belt/arm band to keep your items safe.

Will you have first aid/medical services available on the day of the race?

Medical provisions will be in place on the day of the race should you need them. They’ll be situated near the start/finish line and at various points along the race route.

What type of running surface is the race on?

The half marathon course is flat/undulating. While the race is run predominantly on the road, there are areas that are rougher and occasionally uneven. You may wish to consider the type of running shoes you wear, particularly if it is wet.

Will there be pacers on the day?

No. There won’t be pacers at this year’s half marathon.

What refreshments are available out on the course?

Water stations will be situated around the half marathon course. Please ensure you stick to your pre-race hydration routine and don’t feel like you have to drink at every station. Water will also be available on the finish line to help you rehydrate and kick start your recovery process post-race.

Are toilets available on the route?

No, but there will be toilet facilities stationed in Salt Hill Park.

Is the course fully marshalled?

Yes. Marshals will be stationed at key points along the route to ensure you go the right way and to cheer you on. Please note our marshals are volunteers.

Is there a time limit on finishing the race?

Yes. We have a legal obligation to reopen roads by a certain time. This is approximately 4 hours after the race has started. If you are still running when we need to reopen the roads you will be asked to move to the footpath. If you think you will be longer than 4 hours, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help assist you further.

Can I run in fancy dress?

Yes, of course! However, we recommend practising in your costume beforehand. If your outfit includes equipment other than clothing/shoes please get in touch with us as there may be other requirements to ensure the safety of other participants.

Can I run with headphones?

We know runners enjoy listening to music while running, however we encourage you not to use earphones on race day to ensure you hear any medical alerts and instructions from marshals. We also don’t want you to miss the crowd support along the route!

Can I take part in the race with a pushchair, dog, skateboard, wheeled device or Nordic sticks?

No, we’re afraid you can’t. It’s a safety thing. Participants are not permitted to use any of the above or similar in the event and those attempting to do so will be prohibited from starting. Likewise, anyone attempting to start or join the race in any outfit we deem unsuitable and/or dangerous to other competitors or spectators, will not be allowed to start the race.

Will I get a medal at the finish?

Yes. Finishers in all races who cross the finish line will get a medal. 

General information

When will the race results be published?

Results will be made available online on the evening of 14 October. Should you have any queries regarding your provisional result then please contact us immediately.

Where can I park my car?

Car parking will be available on the day at a location to be confirmed shortly, but why not use public transport to get to the race and avoid the traffic? Slough train station is just a few minutes walk away and we have a great network of buses to get you to the race on time.