Message from the top

Interim Chief Executive, Roger Parkin.

Roger Parkin, interim chief executive

Welcome to Slough and thank you for considering us for your next career move.

What brought me to Slough and continues to keep me here is the variety and pace of the town.

We have businesses from international headquarters employing thousands to start-ups with just one entrepreneur, people from across the country and across the world living and working here, residents with great wealth and those who have very little, great aspirations and even greater achievements.

Slough is constantly changing; the new is embraced, created and built – from a new library and cultural centre to major transport infrastructure.

This variety and pace is reflected in the council where the issues, tasks and challenges we experience are unlike any you may have seen before. In Slough, the council truly makes a difference to people’s lives, we are the centre of the community.

You can get five-years’ experience in a fortnight and if you want to be part of a fun, stimulating and exciting council which is vital to so many of its residents, Slough is the place to be.

I hope you choose to join us.