Tenancy advice for the bereaved

Bereavement can be a difficult time for family and friends especially when you have to contact many different people to notify the situation. This guide aims to help you manage more easily your contact with Slough Borough Council.

First the death needs to be registered whether the deceased was a council tenant or not. We also have a service called tell us once where once you have told us, we can contact the people who need to know, such as government departments and the local authority if your loved one used any services or claimed any benefits. 

The tenancy and property

If the deceased was a council tenant the spouse, partner, or a family member may be eligible to succeed the tenancy and you will need to contact us to seek further advice and or make an application.


If you are the surviving joint tenant then the tenancy will be put into your name. You need to let your neighbourhood housing officer see the death certificate, identification and proof of address at the time of death, and they will then make the necessary arrangements to process your application.


If a tenant dies, succession may occur:

  • if the deceased tenant was not a successor to the tenancy themself
  • only for the spouse or civil partner were the tenancy was granted after 1st April 2012
  • for qualifying family members or carers if the tenancy commenced before 1 April 2012 where there is no married partner or previous succession, and has lived with the tenant for 12 months preceding the death of the tenant. In this case the council can move successors to smaller properties suitable to their needs if they are under-occupying.
  • if the tenant was married to or in a civil partnership with the potential successor and were living together at the time of death

Because succession can be complicated you must speak to your neighbourhood officer on 01753 475111 to discuss whether you are eligible and to provide the necessary proof of residency etc. Due to their job the officers do spend a lot of time away from their desks but a message can be left for them.

No survivorship or succession

If there is no survivorship or succession to the tenancy then you will need to arrange for a copy of the death certificate to be given to the council, and arrange for the furniture and belongings need to be cleared from the property and the keys returned.

If you are the executor or administrator of the will, we will request that you sign a termination form on behalf of the deceased’s estate.

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