Selling your home

If you want to sell your home you need to know the following:

Repaying the discount

If you bought your Home under the right to buy scheme, you can sell it whenever you like. But if you sell within the 'discount repayment period' you will usually have to repay some or the entire discount:

Charges for information

We will make a charge to your solicitor to deal with any enquiries and for providing information in connection with the sale of your flat.


The buyer’s solicitor must make sure we receive a copy of the notice of assignment. There is a small charge for this notice.

Service charges

You are responsible for paying all service charges we ask for up to the date of the sale. After you sell the new leaseholder must pay all the charges we ask for, even if they relate to a period before they bought the property.

You should make sure your solicitor makes the proper arrangements for getting the paid charges from the new owner, or refunding the new owner if necessary.

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