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Private Sector Rented Schemes

Let your property out to Slough Borough Council –  we provide exceptional service, work in partnership and you will positively be investing within the community.

As a private landlord/agent you can benefit from letting your property to people who have approached the council for housing assistance.

There are three letting schemes you can choose from:

  1. The re-launch of its Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) with an increase in damages claim.
  2. The Incentive Scheme (IS) offers a one-off payment, the payment amount depends on the size and letting standard of the property.
  3. The UKan Move Scheme - where a deposit of one month's Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rent is paid.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

A deposit guarantee scheme (DGS) helps to indemnify landlords against the possible cost of damage to their properties. There is no deposit provided but instead we would pay a pre-agreed amount of deposit guarantee depending on the size of the property to the landlord at the end of the tenancy. This will cover any malicious damages to the property including fixtures, some fittings for example cooker, fridge, and floor coverings, window coverings, caused by tenants and members of their household and which cannot be classed as fair wear and tear.

We will provide an inventory detailing the condition of the property, fixtures and including any fittings. The inventory will be agreed by all parties and signed immediately before or on commencement of the tenancy start date and again agreed at the end of the tenancy.

Tenancy will need to be for a period of 12 month assured shorthold tenancy. We will support payments for housing benefit/universal credit to be paid direct to you.

Social Lettings Incentive Scheme

The Incentive Scheme (IS) available to private landlords and managing agents is primarily renting their property out in the Slough area although occasionally properties are required out of the borough placement. The scheme offers a one-off, incentive payment depending on location, size and condition of property. The incentive is paid to a landlord at the start of the first tenancy.

We will vet and nominate the tenants for assured shorthold tenancy for up to 24 months plus at the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate. More information can be found on our Housing benefit page.

UKan Move Scheme

UKan Move Scheme gives applicants an opportunity to identify their own property in the private rented sector in the area of their choice.

Letting your property out on the UKan Move Scheme

We would pay a deposit of one month’s Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rent depending on size of the property. The deposit needs to be secured under the deposit protection scheme. We may also consider agreeing to cover one month’s rent in advance. We need to be satisfied the tenant is eligible to apply on the scheme.

The property needs to be available for your tenant on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for a minimum of 12 months on Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rent for the area.

What to expect from the letting schemes

  • Free inspection of the property and advice on how to make improvements to it.
  • No commission charges or administration fees.
  • Use of our vetting process to make sure that tenant is eligible to rent a property.
  • Offer you dedicated support on tenancy related matters.
  • Recommend housing benefit/universal credit payments to be paid direct to landlords/agents.
  • Avoidance of court costs and possession action where possible.

As well as the above you can also expect the following from the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS):

  • an exclusive and free letting service
  • an agreed payment against any damages on the DGS Scheme (other than normal wear and tear) to fixtures and fittings
  • a legal DGS tenancy agreement
  • a comprehensive DGS inventory.

Requirements to let your property out to the council

  • Proof of property ownership or you have permission to let the property on behalf of the landlord.
  • Property will need to meet reasonable Letting standards - please request landlords check list.
  • Valid Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Valid Electric Safety Certificate.
  • Valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Smoke alarms and new carbon monoxide alarms Regulations 1 October 2015.
  • Adequate Floor covering i.e. carpets, laminate or vinyl, tiled flooring.
  • Adequate ventilation, heating and lighting throughout the property.
  • Internal and external of the property to be secure and well maintained.
  • Include Cooker, Fridge/Freezer and if possible a washing machine.

As well as the above, for the UKan Move Scheme, you will need to provide a:

  • confirmation on letting information followed by Signed Tenancy Agreement.

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