Local community projects

The council has 3 community project officers who are committed to reducing crime and disorder in Slough. Each officer is responsible for a local area.


East Slough covers: Colnbrook with Poyle, Elliman, Foxborough, Langley Kedermister, Langley St Marys, Slough Central and Wexham Lea


South Slough covers: Chalvey, Cippenham Green, Cippenham Meadows and Upton


North Slough covers: Baylis and Stoke, Britwell and Northborough, Farnham, Haymill and Lynch Hill

The officers work closely with the police, residents, businesses and other groups to identify community safety and crime issues. They then implement projects that address these issues.

If you would like to get involved contact us on 01753 475111 and press option 3.

Crime Reduction Environment Days

Crime Reduction Environment Days (CREDs) take place in Slough to tackle crime, disorder and environmental issues in specific areas.

The objective of a CRED is to let local agencies, including the council, police and voluntary organisations to work together along with local residents to:

  • improve the environment
  • target offenders
  • take crime prevention measures to help the community feel safer.

A number of activities take place during a CRED to deliver our campaign to make Slough a safer, cleaner and greener place to live, work and play.

Help us keep your area safe and clean

Although a CRED only lasts for 1 day, with the help of local people the results can be felt for months. It's an opportunity for communities to:

  • take control of their areas
  • maintain the safety and cleanliness of their area

Without this vital engagement, the safety and cleanliness of an area could fall.

For more information contact your local project officer on 01753 475111 and press option 5.