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Safer Slough Partnership

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What are we doing

The Safer Slough Partnership (SSP) is Slough's community safety partnership, which seeks to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime. The SSP is accountable for compliance with the statutory responsibilities set out in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. The work of the partnership will support the delivery of the council's 5 year plan 2018-2023.

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  • Slough children will grow up to be happy, healthy and successful.
  • Our people will be healthier and manage their own care needs.
  • Slough will be an attractive place where people choose to live, work and stay.
  • Our residents will live in good quality homes.
  • Slough will attract, retain and grow businesses and investment to provide opportunities for our residents.

The SSP provides the governance and strategic oversight across core agencies that make up the SSP to reduce crime and disorder. It seeks to reduce violence and create a safer place for residents to live.

The responsible agencies work together in partnership to protect our local communities from crime and help people feel safer. Tackling issues like Exploitation, Domestic Abuse, Modern Slavery, Gangs, drug, Adult and Child Safeguarding and reoffending. Regularly assessing local crime priorities and consulting with partners and the local community about issues facing residents in the local area.

Who we are

SSP partners.

Our campaigns

  • Hidden Harm - culture and tradition are not an excuse for abuse.
  • International Men's Day - positive male role models: 'children remember what you do rather than what you say'.
  • Modern Slavery campaign - modern slavery is closer than you think. It is the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain.
  • Positive relationships - 12 week course to help men find healthier and safer solutions to relationship-based problems and conflict.
  • Stronghold - fighting organised crime in partnership.
  • Home security guide - some steps you can take to make your home and garden as secure as possible.

Safer Slough Partnership priorities

Protecting people