Highways Asset Management Policy and Strategy (HAMP & HAMS)

Highways Asset Management is a strategic approach that identifies the optimal allocation of resources for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of the highway infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future customers. The following documents were formally adopted by Cabinet on 19 October 2015.

Asset Management Policy

The asset management policy is a short and concise document that describes the principles adopted in applying asset management to achieve the authority’s strategic objectives.

Asset Management Strategy

The asset management strategy is a clear and concise high level document setting out how highway infrastructure asset management is delivered for the authority to meet its long term corporate goals and objectives.

It is envisaged that by adopting the HAMP & HAMS and allowing its evolution (through promoting continual improvement), the council will ensure the highway asset is maintained in the most cost efficient manner available, while maximising future highway maintenance funding opportunities from central government.