Adult Social Care strategies

Commissioning Strategy

The Commissioning Strategy for Adult Social Care sets out the future challenges and priorities for action in the delivery of services across all adult care groups, including carers.

Supported Accommodation Strategy

The Supported Accommodation Strategy 2011-2016 addresses the needs of a wide range of people who require accommodation, housing and support.

Partnership Strategy

This strategy outlines how the council will work to support the development and success of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations over the next four years.

Caring for our carers in Slough

Slough Wellbeing Board has agreed an integrated approach to identify and support carers through a local Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MOU sets out an agreed approach to support the implementation of an integrated approach to the identification, assessment and meeting of carers’ health and wellbeing needs across Slough. The document has been developed from a national template published by NHS England and encompasses the vision within our local joint Carers Strategy 2016-2021. It’s supported by key partners in the health and social care system who are committed to working together for carers and young carers.

Market Position Statement

Welcome to the Adult Social Care Market Position Statement (MPS) for Slough 2017-18. It sets out our vision and approach as to how adult social care and support services will be delivered within Slough.

We want it to be used as a document that will encourage innovation and discussion with our current and new providers. We welcome proposals from providers that can help us improve health and wellbeing outcomes for our local residents through promoting independence, choice and strengthening individual and community capacity.

It describes how we will work with providers to ensure the development of diverse, effective and value for money high quality local services.

The MPS will be reviewed and updated regularly.