Business advice at a glance

Slough Trading Standards provides advice and information on a wide range of trading issues. There are some advice sheets on our related pages.

We provide advice to companies, which range from multi-nationals to one person start-up companies. The legal compliance issues which we can provide advice and information on include:

Age Restricted Sales

The following products have age restrictions relating to their sale:

  • alcohol
  • computer games
  • fireworks
  • gas lighter refills
  • lottery
  • solvents
  • spray paints
  • tobacco products/e-cigarettes
  • video/DVD/Blu-Ray.

We can give advice and guidance on the retail of these products. Please note, you must have a licence for the sale of alcohol. Explosive licences (for fireworks) are available from the trading standards team.

Animal Health

There are strict laws on the:

  • movements of certain animals
  • the welfare of them
  • method of transporting them.

We can provide advice and guidance. To move certain animals you will require an animal movement licence.

Fair Trading

We can provide advice on pricing and the description of goods and services so they don't break the relevant legislation. These are wide ranging requirements that affect most businesses with any involvement in consumer goods or services. 

Check if your business requires a credit licence.

Food Standards

The composition and labelling of food sold to the public is strictly controlled. We can provide advice on these subjects. If you are a catering establishment (inc. Restaurant / Pub) you must be allergens aware. Any issues concerning food safety should be referred to the food & safety team.

Product Safety

All consumer products supplied to the public must be safe. A general safety requirement applies to all consumer products whilst specific regulations are imposed on products which include:

  • toys
  • cosmetics
  • furniture
  • electrical and gas appliances.

We also have a responsibility for consumer goods imports.

Weights and Measures

Most transactions that refer to quantity, whether they are in kilograms, litres or metres, have to meet the relevant weights and measures legislation. We can provide advice on both the equipment being used to measure, and the goods themselves.


To sell fireworks you are required to have an explosives licence which allows you to store up to 250kg Net Explosive Content of explosives. A special licence is also available if you wish to sell fireworks all year round.

EU Exit

All businesses are likely to be affected by the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. There is a central government website to assist.

Further advice

If you need more detailed advice please contact us on 01753 475111 (Regulatory Services Option). Please note a fee may be charged for this service, details can be found on the Primary authority scheme page.