Street collection permits

Street Collections as regulated under the Police, Factories, etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916.

All such collections require a permit issued by Slough Borough Council. The permit allows charitable organisations to collect money or sell articles in a street or public place to raise funds for charity. Street collection permits are restricted to one collector per area, per day.

The Slough High Street location excludes the Town Square.

A Street Collection permit is not required for collections inside The Queensmere or Observatory shopping malls or any shop or business. Permission from the owner / manager would be required.

Slough Borough Council reserves the right to refuse any application for a street collection permit. It is likely that any previous contravention of the council’s street collection regulations would result in such action being taken. There is no statutory right of appeal against refusal of a permit however the High Court may review the decision.

Within one month of a collection licence expiring the chief promoter must complete and return a certified account of the amount collected and how the proceeds were distributed.