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Private hire vehicle licence


Due to the current situation with COVID19, the licensing office is currently closed.  All vehicle applications need to be submitted via email - 

Fitting of safety screens or partitions to vehicles

Guidance issued by the Local Government Association (LGA) states that currently there is limited evidence available about the effectiveness of screens in reducing the risk of transmission of infection, as they do not provide a fully sealed compartment which completely separates the driver from the passenger. Therefore, whilst it is possible that partitions may reduce the risk of transmission of infection, please note that the risk would not be eliminated entirely.

The decision to install a protective screen during the current pandemic will be a matter for individual vehicle owners and operators to consider. Slough Borough Council accepts no liability in circumstances in which a screen causes injury to a passenger or driver.

Screen specifications

Any fittings or equipment must comply with the Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations and meet the following specifications;

  • Any screen must be tested to the relevant EU standard for an original equipment type approval test covering interior fittings.
  • Screens must be approved by MIRA or other comparable independent product engineering, testing, consultancy and certification organisation.
  • Screens must be professionally and securely fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Certification from the vehicle’s manufacturer should be sought to confirm that the screen does not compromise the integrity of the vehicle structure.
  • Screens should be constructed of PETG or polycarbonate.
  • Screens must not interfere or compromise any safety features including the airbags and handbrake.
  • Screens must not impede the driver’s vision, movement, or communication with passengers.
  • Screens must not restrict driver and passenger access to or from the vehicle. Insurers must be notified of any modifications made to the vehicle.

In addition, the screens/partitions must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, including between every passenger journey and changes of driver.

If you wish to install a protective screen in your vehicle you must first:

  • Get confirmation from your insurance company that your insurance is still valid if you fit a protective screen.
  • Contact the licensing team (before fitting) to check that the equipment and installation will meet the required standards.  Email

Advice on sanitisation and face coverings

Those who are working have a responsibility to take all possible precaution to keep themselves and their vehicles as safe and sanitised to help stop the spread of the virus. We advise you frequently clean and disinfect surfaces using cleaning products that are touched regularly i.e. door handles, seat belts and buckles and other obvious hard surfaces touched by a passenger, including areas that may have been infected following a passenger coughing or sneezing.

Further government advice

Replacement vehicles

If you have had an accident please email the licensing team with the date of the accident and pictures of the accident damage.  If you require a replacement vehicle, please complete the change of vehicle form and submit the following;

  • Completed application form -
    Change of vehicle form
  • Certificate of motor insurance
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Copy of the vehicle registration document (V5)
  • Online payment receipt number

Payment must be made online via Slough Borough Council's payment portal.   

Vehicle requirements from 1 September 2018

New applicants

On 1 September 2018, we will introduce a new Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) policy for all new applicants. Vehicles being licensed must comply with the following:

  • all vehicles being licensed by a new applicant must comply with the ULEV standard - ULEV means a vehicle that uses low carbon technologies and emits less than 75g of CO2/Km from the tailpipe (exhaust) and is capable of operating zero emissions for a range of at least 10 miles
  • all vehicles must be less than 3 years old (from date of first registration or manufacture if an import) when first licensed
  • new applicants will not be permitted to have a currently licensed vehicle transferred to them from the effective date unless the vehicle is of the required ULEV standard.
Please note the vehicle registration document (V5) will be required in order to confirm the vehicle meets the above requirements. 

Current licence holders

All currently licensed saloon type private hire and hackney carriage vehicles are to remain licensed until they reach 9 years of age. Please note the following does not currently apply to wheelchair accessible vehicles:

  • all new vehicles being licensed by current licence holders are to meet the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) standard - Euro 6 diesel/Euro 5 petrol
  • from the 1 September 2020, all new vehicles being licensed by current licence holders are to meet the CAZ standard - Euro 6 diesel/Euro 6 petrol
  • all new vehicles are to be ULEV from 2025.
Please note the vehicle registration document (V5) will be required in order to confirm the vehicle meets the above requirements. 

Any vehicle can be considered for licensing, subject to our current policies. Licensing officers will have a discretion to refuse applications if they feel the vehicle is unsuitable and/or unsafe. Officers will also determine how many passengers the vehicle can safely and comfortably carry. 

Please contact the licensing team for advice on licensing limousines or novelty type vehicles.

Certificate of Compliance - designated garages

Thames Valley Garage are open and carrying out compliance tests.  Please check directly with the garage for their opening times. 

Thames Valley Garage

George House
2a Bower Way
Tel: 01628 666100


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