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Hackney carriage driver & vehicle

Hackney carriage driver application requirements

Application requirements to be a Hackney Carriage driver are that applicants:

  • must be 21 years old or over
  • have a full UK/NI/EU driving licence which must have been held for a minimum of 2 years
  • should have no more than six current penalty point (endorsements) on their DVLA driving licence
  • will need to obtain a certificate of good conduct from the appropriate Embassy or High Commission (a certified English translation of this document is required) if they have been a resident in the UK for less than five years.

Any applicant with a conviction, caution, motoring offence or fixed penalty notice must declare so at the time of application. The application will then be referred to the licensing manager for a decision to be made in accordance with Slough Borough Council's enforcement policy.

Step 1: Submitting an application

The following forms should be completed and returned (in person) to the licensing office along with all requested documentation:

  • application form for a hackney carriage driver's licence
  • application form for an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal record disclosure

You can get the DBS form from the licensing team and the DBS Privacy Policy can be viewed on the DBS website at

A new applicant or current licence holder need not necessarily have been convicted or cautioned in respect of a criminal offence for his/her behaviour to be taken into account in deciding whether the 'fit and proper' test has been satisfied.

Furthermore, the fact that an applicant or current licence holder does have a criminal conviction does not necessarily mean that he/she is not a 'fit and proper person' to hold a licence.

In all cases the overriding consideration will be the protection and wellbeing of the public.  
Each case will be decided on it's own merits.

The required documentation are:

  • valid passport/proof of right to work
  • driving licence
  • proof of national insurance number (e.g. P45 or P60)
  • proof of address (e.g. utility bill/bank statement issued within last three months).

Please note that a DBS disclosure certificate is valid for 28 days from the date of issue. Slough Borough Council does not receive a copy of the DBS certificate and it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the original certificate has been produced to the licensing office within the 28 days. If the DBS disclosure certificate is not produced within 28 days, the hackney carriage driver's licence will not be issued and a new certificate will be required.

Applicants must provide the DVLA 'check code' in order for the status of their DVLA driver's licence to be verified.

Step 2: Knowledge test

This is a test to assess the applicant's knowledge of the:

  • Highway Code
  • relevant legislation
  • ability to work out fares
  • local routes.

The test will be booked at the applicant's initial submission appointment. 

Step 3: Practical driving assessment

Please contact the licensing team for details of driver training providers.

Step 4: Passenger assistance training (PATS)

This is a practical training course to make sure all hackney carriage drivers are fully aware and able to meet the needs of passengers with various disabilities. We do not provide this course but our licensing department can give details of various training centres. When you arrange your PATS training course, please specify you need to undertake and pass modules A, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Payment is made direct to the training provider.

Step 5: Certificate of fitness

The licensing team will give you a medical examination report form. This form must be taken to the applicant's own GP who will conduct a medical examination. Once the form has been completed it should be returned to the licensing office. Payment is made directly to the doctors' surgery and the medical form is valid for six months from the date it was signed by the GP. 

Hackney carriage vehicles

Please note: we currently have a limit in place on the number of hackney carriage vehicle licences issued, therefore applications for new vehicle licences cannot be accepted. 

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