Recycle bring banks

There are 16 recycle bring bank centres around the borough, which provide a free alternative to recycle more alongside the kerbside collection service.

You can recycle a variety of materials in these banks including paper, card, mixed glass, aluminium cans and tins, foil, small electrical items, books, CDs, DVDs, shoes, clothes and textiles. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

List of recycle bring bank centres around Slough.

Find your nearest recycle bring bank by entering in your postcode at the recycle-more website.

Please make sure you deposit your recycling items in the correct banks provided. Do not leave bags or boxes of recycling or any other items outside the recycling containers as this will be treated as fly-tipping and you can be issued a fixed penalty notice.

N.B. Recycle bring banks are NOT for use for commercial or trade recycling.