Batteries are classed as hazardous waste and can cause damage to the environment. The chemicals in corroding batteries can leak into the ground and cause soil and water pollution.

Batteries are made from important resources and chemicals, including lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and mercury. If you dispose of batteries into your general waste they will be taken to landfill sites and these resources are then lost.

We need schools to help the UK meet its battery recycling targets – 45% of all batteries must be recycled by 2016.

How to get recycling

Most types of batteries can be collected:

  • all AAA and AA cells;
  • size C and D;
  • button batteries (e.g. watch or hearing aid batteries);
  • mobile phone batteries;
  • laptop batteries;
  • power tool batteries.

If your school is interested in recycling batteries there are various approved battery compliance scheme operators that provide a battery recycling collection box or container, which can be placed in a convenient location in your school for access to staff, students, parents and visitors to use.

To request for a battery collection box to be sent to you free of charge, contact My Council on 01753 475111.

Once the box is full, contact the compliance scheme operator to request a collection.